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Sunday, 27 May 2012


hi everyone . these are just a few sample cards that i and some of my students are after making!

On this card each layer has a different layer has a different letter cut out .
Its easy to make and can be for any occasion!
This wedding card was made by me. It has two different parts that stand up
the big part is held up by the little love heart and then the small part it held
 up by the big part (this was inspired by Yvonne Tune).
This wedding card was made by myself the bottom part
has three different mountain folds. On the first fold is the purple
petals. the second has the silver card with the purple card with the
stamp of the bride and groom on it,and then heat embossed and then finally the last fold has some pretty purple flowers on it.
This card is the reverse side of the card above it has
a lovely poem on it.
This is a first holy communion card Janice made . it has gold
card at the back with a light pink card with a peel off of a girl
 making her holy communion with a few pretty flowers in the corner.
This is a 40th birthday card for an uncle. it is an easel card and the
nephew piece at the bottom holds it in place.

This card was made by Janice who is in my adults card class. its a 87th birthday card. it has a picture of a cobbler because it was for her grandfather who was a cobbler. 
this one was also made by Janice. its a happy birthday card for
her aunt who likes motorbikes  it has a lovely patterned background
with a picture of a motorbike and it has some pretty flowers in two of the corners.