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Hello everyone, please feel free to have a browse around, but please if you can, leave a message; I'd love to know what you think of what you're seeing here.
Thank You, Midi.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Wednesday nights we have a painting class in Whitechurch National School, Ballinameela, Co Waterford. This week Tracy joined us and she and I ended up doing a little bit of scrapbooking. Here are a couple of photos of what we came up with. We had painting supplies and not much in the way of scrapbooking so I think the results are pretty good.

This photo shows Rebecca Farrell and Edith Harty, Edith seems to be the only one working in any of the photos?? And some more cups!

The photo below shows, Midi Walsh, Kate Walsh (Create with Kate) and Edith Harty. I see more cakes and cups then crafting at this table

The photo below shows, Karen Mathews, Gwen Waagner, Cathy Woods, Midi Walsh, Kate Walsh (Create with Kate)

Last Tuesday Kate from Create with Kate was on holiday with her family in the Dungarvan Area. I invited her out to do some crafting and got the word out to fellow crafters; what followed was what could hardly be called a crafty day but more of a tea, buns, tart, biscuit and did I say tea session. Very little crafting was done but we nearly ran out of milk at one stage. It was a lovely day, meeting old friends and making new ones.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

This is a sample of what we could be doing with Felicia Thomas during the next meeting of craft club waterford. Felicia will be doing this sort of mini book and as usual we will have a full shop and lots of tea coffee and buns. places will have to be limited this time as there are some fiddley bits so get your name to felicia or me and we'll keep a seat and a cup for you. midi. 085.2801937 ·

Saturday 24th August

10-4 o'clock.

€30 full kit provided.

This is one of the cards Edith made at an Yvonne Tune day last week. It's lovely, I'll post a few more of them soon, Thanks to Yvonne, Roberta and Margaret for all their help.
This is a box I did for class last Thursday, we really had a lovely class. I painted the box with blue pearlescent acrylic paint, then a little bit of purple in places over that. I stuck on some lovely cat pictures I had and then covered the whole box in watered down pva glue. I'm planning on a bigger box with little door knobs as feet, but that's for another day.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I just put up a picture of the canvas we did last Thursday in class. I painted the canvas in pearlescent acrylic paints,  I glued paper and fabric flowers and a butterfly die cut from card stock. I painted over the flowers in one colour; purple and then painted over individual ones in different colours. I did the same with the butterfly and outlined everything with a dark blue ink outside each flower etc. I then went around the edge of each piece in white gel pen. The outlining makes all the difference, it was very flat until then, it just lifted it. Next week we'll be working with heat embossing, the possibilities are endless. If you want to come to a class ring me on 085.2801937

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

click on the link above to find details of the class I'm going to with Yvonne Tune on Saturday, I'm looking forward to a relaxing day with lovely people, and a little bit of retail therapy. I'll post photos next week.
Hi everyone, I have some bits of news. Ballinameela Art Club meet every Wednesday night from 7.30 to 9.30. Everyone is welcome, come along, have a cup of tea and see what we're at. We have a group of painters who meet every week and in September the crafters will be back to keep us company again from the second Wednesday in September. It is all very informal, you don't even need to bring anything along with you, see where you would like to sit in and do a bit, if you like it come back next week, if not, no problem. Most of us are going to go to the American Tea party being held in the Community Centre next door on Friday night. I'm hosting a table with Janice, it'll be lovely, for those of you who haven't been to one, you're more than welcome. The host decorates the table and provides a main course, usually consisting of cold meat salad, and then desert, tea and coffee. The Committee in the Community Centre are hoping to do this every year so we need to set a high standard this year to get the ball rolling. Janice and I will be bringing a bottle of wine or two so if anyone wants any more than that they are more than welcome to bring their own. There will be background music to give a nice atmosphere. Rumour has it that babysitters are being booked to stay very late on Friday night as most of the tables are going to settle in for a late night. It only costs €10 and all proceeds go to the Community Centre, so a good idea all round.

Janice and I will be getting home to bed early however as we are attending Yvonne Tune's class in Kilkenny on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to a nice relaxing day with the ladies, catching up with some people I haven't met in ages. It promises to be a lovely day. We will bring any deserts left over from the night before with us to share to help get the creative juices flowing. I'm looking forward to looking around Marion's shop, I think I might be a bit low on some things! ha ha, as if! but sure it would be rude to go there and buy nothing! So some nice things planned; I'm really looking forward to them, give me a text or call on 085.2801937 if you want any details on any of these happenings.
Happy Crafting, Midi.