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Monday, 28 November 2011

All you need to know about Rubber Stamps

There are many different types of stamps; however they fall mostly into a few basic categories;

1.       Wood mounted

2.       Foam mounted

3.       Clear

4.       Un-mounted

Wood mounted stamps are made up of a piece of rubber with an image in relief attached to a block of wood. The image is usually on the other side of the wood either printed on or attached as a label. Foam mounted stamps have a piece of foam instead of the wood. You need to be more careful with the corners on these as it’s easier to make a mistake and ink the corners and therefore stamp the corners around the image. The most popular stamp on the market at the moment is the clear stamp. They basically consist of a piece of clear polymer with an image raised on one side of it. The other side is usually placed on an acrylic block so you can see through to where you are stamping so it’s much easier to build up a number of images to create an overall picture. They’re usually self-clinging however there are sprays available to stick them to the block temporarily. Un-mounted stamps are sold either with foam or need foam to be stuck onto the back and then stuck onto a block.

Store your stamps away from direct sunlight. Too much heat or sunlight will perish the rubber and as your stamps become hard and disintegrate the ink will not adhere correctly. Store your stamps flat making sure they are fully supported so they do not buckle; a straight line becomes a wavy line once the stamp has buckled or bent. Keep clear stamps in their original packaging, they’re usually packaged on a clear sheet of acetate with the image printed on the acetate. Even though I have yet to start it myself, you should keep a log of your stamps, it is so so easy to buy the same stamp twice. Stamp the image into your notebook as soon as you buy it, this will stop you duplicating stamps and as you flick through the pages you’ll find inspiration and you won’t forget a stamp and never use it until you find it in the bottom of your store.
Happy Stamping!



I’ve just spent most of today and yesterday doing a really big job trying to tidy and organise my craft room. I say trying, because I feel as though even after hours or work I’m still no closer to achieving my goal.  I’ve sorted everything into categories, Knitting, sewing, card making and scrapbooking. I also have other little bits; calligraphy, embroidery, photography and many more. I’ve found a storage plan for everything,,,,,except of course all my fabric! I’m finding it really difficult to write this post. I think my mind just isn’t on my task at the moment. I just keep thinking of my fabric, what a nightmare! Paper I can sort onto shelves and boxes. Pens, markers, pencils fit in the little table top drawers. C.D.’s fit neatly under the shelf near the pc. My big problem; the fabric. What to do with layers and layers of colour, pattern, memories, planned projects,  textures and yes even some procrastination. I have a plan for most of it, quilts, cards, scrapbook layouts, boxes; lined and covered. So so many ideas so little time. I feel like dropping everything and getting down to cutting and sorting, ironing and piecing, hand sewing and machine crafting, but then, I see it all in bundles, waiting for a temporary permanent home. A place to lie until a creation emerges. Do I hang it, I’ve tried that, over the cross timber of a hanger. Do I fold it and store it on a shelf in layer upon layer, until one piece being pulled out pulls the ones above and below it until I have a wrinkled, rumpled bundle of fabrics that I can’t see anything in. I’ve considered storing it in separate boxes based on colour, however, do I put yellow fabric with a large purple flower in the purple box or the yellow box. I need to see what I have to remember what’s there so this won’t work. I’ll have a yellow and purple quilt made with extra fabric bought to finish it and then I’ll find the yellow one with the purple flower in the purple box and not the yellow one. I don’t know, it’s all so confusing,,,,, does anyone out there have any good ideas?